The event will feature presentations and panels around these seven key topics: The Adolescence of Streaming; Global Copyright & Rights Management; Technology: Smart Speakers, AI, and Next Gen Music; The Modern Music Company; International: Spotlight on Emerging Markets; and Innovation: Investing In Music and Startup Showcases. 

These themes will set the scene for the two-day NY:LON Connect conference and are detailed below. 

Sarah Jeffray

Amazon Music
Tuesday, January 23

8:30am EST

9:30am EST

9:40am EST

11:30am EST

12:00pm EST

12:45pm EST

1:40pm EST

2:25pm EST

3:00pm EST

4:15pm EST

Wednesday, January 24

9:30am EST

10:00am EST

11:00am EST

12:20pm EST

1:00pm EST