The event will feature presentations and panels around these seven key topics: The Adolescence of Streaming; Global Copyright & Rights Management; Technology: Smart Speakers, AI, and Next Gen Music; The Modern Music Company; International: Spotlight on Emerging Markets; and Innovation: Investing In Music and Startup Showcases. 

These themes will set the scene for the two-day NY:LON Connect conference and are detailed below. 
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Mary Megan Peer

Deputy CEO
Based in New York, Mary Megan Peer is responsible for peermusic’s US and worldwide business development and is a key member of the company’s strategic planning team. Founded by her grandfather Ralph S. Peer, peermusic is an independent global music publishing company with 32 offices in 28 countries. With well over a quarter of a million titles in its catalog, peermusic works in all genres, including pop and rock, urban, Latin, classical, country and blues. For 90 years, peermusic has consistently and relentlessly broken new ground by becoming home to some of the best and brightest talent in music. peermusic proudly represents songwriters as diverse as Hoagy Carmichael (“Stardust”), Jimmie Davis (“You Are My Sunshine”), Perez Prado (“Mambo #5”), Donovan (“Mellow Yellow”), Liam Sternberg (“Walk Like an Egyptian”), Morten Lauridsen (“Lux Aeterna”), Tricky Stewart (“Single Ladies”) and Neil Thrasher (winner of ASCAP’s 2013 Country Song of the Year for “How Country Feels”).peermusic takes pride in its extensive global network of local offices and the close collaboration of its writers and staff across international borders. The company provides boutique-like attention to its writers while offering a global reach no other independent company can provide. Mary Megan’s responsibilities include overseeing peermusic offices in Asia and Brazil. From 2011 to 2013, Mary Megan was the Managing Director of peermusic’s Buenos Aires office, representing both local and international writers in Argentina. peermusic’s first office in Latin America was in Argentina, and today the company has more offices on the continent than any other international music publisher. peermusic proudly represents a wide range of works from this influential region, from classic 1930s tangos to today’s Rock en Español and urban bachata.